Finestre blindate di sicurezza Sabatino


armoured windows

The SL company has always put the security of its customers first: all the armoured fixtures in the catalogue satisfy the most stringent industry certifications, as required by the UNI EN 1627 standard.

As regards the armoured windows, SL products have passed the most stringent tests required by the sector, including forced entry tests with different level of complexity, static and dynamic load tests and manual burglary attempt tests.

The result is a vast catalogue of anti-burglary windows of the latest generation with high-level armouring for all customer protection requirements.


Among the most innovative security windows, SL Sabatino's MODULBLOCK series of is one of the most popular: made of steel clad with wood, it has passed and has obtained class 4 anti-burglary certification.
It also has very good thermal and acoustic specifications, ensuring a high degree of insulation from outside noise.

Modulblock armoured windows also have high-level certification regarding water resistance, wind resistance and air permeability: on request you can also obtain latest generation bulletproof windows. 


Furthermore, the high quality aesthetic finishes guarantee optimal integration within the home: SL SABATINO is specialised in the production of aesthetic armouring with great impact, thanks to special seals and materials of exceptional quality.

Security windows are also available with prestigious finishing, rounded and shaped profiles for a traditional or more high tech effect. All windows are also outfitted for the insertion of high thickness armoured glass.



The SL company also has a catalogue of quality accessories, such as:

  • spindle or Cremonese handles with lock key
  • brass or chrome hinge covers
  • rusticated base
  • option of built-in insect net

and much more.

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