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Security gratings and gates

Especially for the first floors of buildings, those most easily reached by the ill-intentioned, it is advisable to instal security gratings, fixed steel frames that create an impenetrable barrier from the outside, without compromising either the quality of those who live inside the home or the overall aesthetic appearance of the property.

This is the great quality of the gratings manufactured by SL Sabatino: the ability to combine certified maximum strength with a pleasing aesthetic appearance, made bright and airy thanks to an original and elegant design, ideal for single villas and for apartments or buildings in town.

The company currently delivers its security gratings all over Italy: from its head office in Lomazzo (Como), it performs fast deliveries and installations, quickly making your windows and terrace and balcony doors secure.


The security window guards have unhinging and break-in prevention features: SL has always been a benchmark for home security, from windows to entrance doors, and external gratings complete a dedicated and exclusive range of products.

The gratings are available in two versions:

  • fixed window guards
  • gates with internal or external opening by safety lock.

In both cases,heavy-gauge galvanised steel provides remarkable resistance to all external stresses: the particular treatments, galvanising, sandblasting and painting with polyester powder fired at 180°C, allow the grating to resist temperature and humidity changes.

The manufacture and installation of the gratings is innovative because it avoids unsightly visible weldings, ensuring a final appearance of great elegance.


SL Sabatino's products include a wide range of colours and finishes, with classic and traditional designs, such as vertical round or square section bars, or innovative designs of particular aesthetic quality, with shapes such as twists, curves, curls, customised forgings, pine cones and folds.

All security grating models can be integrated with each other and can be modified or completely customised design according to the specific size and aesthetic requirements of the customer.

The gratings may also include an insect net.

We are at your disposal for further information or a quote.



  • A NEW range of security gates consisting of 5 models, a high tech system without any unsightly visible weldings and characterised by high quality finishes. Each vertical and horizontal bar is finished with studs turned to a simple design in order to make the product prestigious and unique. Our prices are interesting and competitive with respect to market standards.
  • ​ ​ Mitika is manufactured with a galvanised frame and accessories. Each fixture is fitted with a rack-lock with half cylinder safety lock to ensure the best functionality over time; this is inserted in the frame out of sight to ensure greater security. This triggers the rods with 16 mm cut-resistant bolts for a 25 mm stroke in special solid steel bushings inserted on the lower and upper frame.
  • ​The inner side cylinder is provided with an anti-leverage Protector with key to be used during the installation phase.
  • The main keys are made with the KA system for the complete supply and are delivered sealed in envelopes.
  • Upper and lower hinges with 16 mm cut-resistant steel pins fitted with anti-friction gaskets, are inserted in special solid steel bushings on the lower and upper frame.
  • Special hinges with 180° ball joint allow the opening of the doors both inwards to be able to activate the louvres and outwards, overlapping the louvres when they are open.
  • The frame consists of an upper crosspiece with adjustment system and level compensator, and a lower one to be placed on the threshold.
  • Paint treatment performed with pickling and blasting, plus two coats of painting with polyester powder fired at 180°C.
     Black mica - Brown 8017 - White 9010 - Green 6005 - Grey 7038
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