the values of craftsmanship

anti-burglary armoured doors

For over 35 years, SL Sabatino has been the leading brand for aesthetic armoured doors and windows with a classic and modern touch.
The passion for the work performed every day by the company is expressed in the details of every armoured door and window, but no less in the philosophy that has always distinguished it, which is embodied in the everlasting ideas and ambitions of its owner Liberato Sabatino, who has made his more than 30 years of activity a real mission.

SL Sabatino targets the high end of the security doors and windows market: from the more attentive private individuals who want give their properties a distinctive character of great prestige, to designers seeking an experienced and reliable partner.

SL Sabatino aims at a differentiated public with a collection that is unique in originality, variety and breadth of range.

From windows to louvres, from armoured doors to concealed mechanisms, down to special pieces in a carousel of choice with truly great personality and modernity, always produced in the context of a certified and guaranteed system.

Technicians, qualified personnel and advanced technology lie behind the production of doors and windows of different types and prices, intended for: the medium and medium-high market made up of individuals who demand quality for their home but, most of all, great security and reliability, and architects and designers seeking an accurate service and the possibility of creating doors and windows to a unique design that still retain the performance and aesthetics of the doors and windows already in production. The quality and creativity of SL Sabatino's doors and windows has earned respect and success over time, confirming the great professionalism accumulated and high standards achieved.

SL Sabatino's future is aimed at growth in technology and the increasingly obsessive research into the quality of raw materials and production processes without forgetting the values of craftsmanship, the point of real strength of every SL Sabatino door or window; because, for us, every door or window is unique and unrepeatable, like the person who chooses it.

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