Persiane blindate rivestite in legno Blindosteel Sabatino


As an alternative to the standard production of wood clad armoured louvres, this louvre ensures optimum resistance against burglary. "BLINDOSTEEL" is made of galvanised steel with a 30/10 mm perimeter frame and has a door made of steel tubes with 15/10 mm oval horizontal slats which pass through appropriate slots and are fixed with a steel rod passing through holes made in the slat ends. This system ensures that the slats are leverage-proof. The hinges are made of steel with ball bearings. Closure is ensured by a Cremona handle with lock key: this triggers the lower and upper 14 mm chrome steel bolts. The fixed anti-leverage claws are made of 14 mm steel and are placed on the hinge side upright (optional). The thresholds and window sills are fitted with special strikes for closing the lower bolts.

For a greater guarantee of security:
BBLINDOSTEEL anti-burglary "class 4" certified.

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