Basculanti blindati Sabatino


This product, made to measure, is fitted with a reinforced steel structure with vertical and horizontal omegas to ensure anti-burglary properties. The counterweights are made of steel sliding on pulleys with bearings and a "parachute" fall arrest system against accidental breakage of the cords. The door is operated by remote-controlled automation and standard accessories (UNI 8612 standard). The "LOCKING" system (to be used for long periods of absence) with safety lock triggers the steel closure bolts and disconnects the power supply of the motors through a micro-switch to prevent accidental opening with a remote control. The outer cladding is performed with different types of wood. Pantographed marine plywood panels or handmade panels and design customised frames can be used. The inner lining is made with smooth panels of Tanganyika wood. The lower edge is provided with a fine brushed stainless steel jamb. The painting treatment, both of the metal and of the wood, is performed according to the requirements of the materials used.

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