Persiane di sicurezza Sabatino


Armoured louvrss represent a real reference point for those who want to make their homes secure: in fact, as well as having an important role in shielding sun rays, these fixtures create a solid barrier against all attempts to break in through windows.
SL offers technologically advanced louvres, with highest level armouring, which meets all the strictest certifications governing the sector: the full catalogue includes several models with special finishes to offer maximum integration with the rest of the property's style.

The catalogue offers two types of louvres:

  • louvres with wood cladding
  • galvanised steel louvres.

In both cases, the production standards of the Como-based company ensure the customer excellent quality combined with the best profiles.


The wooden profiles of our armoured louvres are subjected to a special treatment with anti-mould and anti-woodworm wood stain, as well as with exterior paintwork: this guarantees that wood finished louvres, such as the Sekura model, are particularly resistant not only to burglary and break-in attempts, but also to environmental stress.



The armoured louvres have an innovative armouring thanks to a galvanised tubular steel frame and slats with a steel core: the closing handles (high quality, Cremona type) enable locking of the stainless steel bolts for even greater security.


Our catalogue of security louvres also includes steel versions with a leverage-proof slat system: security is then ensured by the upper and lower steel bolts.
Louvres of this type can be installed at any home always ensuring the same high protection against break-in attempts in addition to an aesthetic effect of particular quality.
We also offer armoured double doors with horizontal and vertical slats.

For more information on security fixtures do not hesitate to contact our head office in Lomazzo (Como): we also offer a design service for made to measure and non-standard sized louvres.

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